Hi everyone. My name is Matt. My father and I have been browsing these forums for the last year or so looking at ideas for rigging and storage of Catamarans. My Father has been sailing since the early 1950's and I have been Crewing with him since the 1980's. Started off in Sizzler's then after those boats wore out we got a Hobie 16. Since then I have gone off to pilot School and now I’m back into sailing with him. We have purchased a Super Cat 20. Nice ship but we have run it to a few snags.
• The jib system is a complex nightmare which we fixed using some thing that looks like the Nacra self tacking system.
• Telescoping trailer’s parts getting Stuck.
• Setup and take down consume about 5 hours of the whole day trip.
• Sailing Clubs and places to beach the boat for the night have also dried up.

My Current questions are:
Anyone know of a sailing club that offers Mast up storage on long Island NY?
Any current races coming up in the Ny, LI area?
I saw a post on using a long island park for mast up storage. But the post was in early 2002. Is the Idea still valid? I called the park and their reply was “sailing? There have only been a few windsurfers in the past year. I haven’t seen any day sailor’s in a few years.”

I droped this in the general descussion room too. Forgot about LI having there own Room.