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When I have some time I want to do a gps overlay on some gopro sailing footage, so you can actually know how fast you go when you do what.
I looked at the iphone as well for a sailing instrument and actually think its ideal, it has a gps, camera, data connection and a lot of other sensors like a gyro.
Maybe also thinking about putting this into some sort of dashboard with a video overlay.
If you have an iphone 3gs or 4 this free app registers everything the sensors do:

A speedometer like the speedpuck looks interesting but speed alone would not give enough information without having something to compare it with (like maybe your speed on this side of the course on the previous lap or something).

Actually, I'd love to the same - but why do you think, an iPhone could be solution? First, I assume you just get two files (.gpx and .mov), which you have to combine and align somehow. Secondly, can you run an app and the camera at the same time? Third, how are you going to mount the phone secure and waterproof - in a way that you can touch the screen? I'll upload soon a video from my GoPro where we capsize into a turtle ...
I have the camera and I have a Garmin 301 which supplies all necessary data. What I dream of is a 4 segment split screen: footage, speed (or VMG), course, and wind direction and speed. Remains a dream, I guess.

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