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Franck, what makes you think that F18s designs are no longer close together in terms of performance.
None of the new designs of the last few years has shown to be significantly faster than the existing ones, some probably not even faster at all.


The fact that boat builders need to change almost every year till 5/6 years or they disappear: see the Diam exit, MK2, C2 daggerboard, Wild Cat sail set.... This continuous changing is the a good indicator.

F18 is not F1 racing or C class, it is low tech catamaran with restricted material.
The idea is to make sport.
Not ingeneer studies or PHD work on fluid mechanic. F18 is not America Cup.

By the way developpment is money and the customer finally pay.
If Nacra, Hobie or AHPC were ready to pay top gun sailor to sail (and win ?) on Tiger, Capricorn or Infusion MK1.
It would be good way to spend money also cool and may answer your question.

F18 are not smartphones.
Boat are now easier and faster, it's nice but developpement is not the purpose of F18.
It is a close class rules. A class, C class made evolution part of the game.

Add to this, paint boat, thin sail wich are details that make difference and contribute to create two F18 fleet.
As a rider which is the interest to be faster ?
in 2012 new boat plaques provided to builders in 2012 drop more than 35% worldwide... that is a consequence of this bad evolution of the F18.