Andrew, read again what I write and try to understand, then answer.

The 2 exemples you use, show that you did not have the big picture.

F16 is in difficulty because they do not close enough their rules (weight minima is the main issue) and on the same size and concept -invented by Loday with the Spitfire- the AHPC Viper (very close boats indeed) are a real success.

Nacra 17 is SMOD, isn't it ?

So you should understand now that sailors will go where their money is protected of crazy developpment, which cost and then customers pay.

May be you need paint stiffer boat, lighter sails or others performance bonus to be in front of the fleet.
That is not F18 spirit. The value of the F18 game is on sailing skills.

More than this, your position is because you're in F18 business.
So your words are not so reliable.
Mr Udin and you said one year ago than paint and hull were only to make cheaper boats.
What a joke.
Last december Mr Udin admit that is was to replace gelcoat dead weight.

GC32 are great boats, do you accept development in this series smile