Go back to 1994 then, Im sure you will find NOBODY wants to go with you and sail dart hawks again....

F18 is a development class, it has been from the very first discussion many years ago and as long as we can stop you and your idiot mates from screwing the class up it will remain so for ever.

Perhaps the reason there are less plaques created last year is to do with the continuing financial stress in the largest F18 market (Europe) and the worlds being held in the USA. Plus the fact that there are some interesting classes emerging such as F16 and the Nacra 17, these boats all cost similar money and offer similar performance.

The F18 class offers a great mix of competition and development, if you had your way we would all be sailing boats and sails from almost 20 years ago!

This class has been such a success because of the continued development and its ability to keep relevant with the current state of sailing, lets make sure this continues.