Franck, you are implying that the reason less new boats have been sold is due to some brand coming up with longer
daggerboards, or someone using paint instead of gelcoat?!
Just in the news today I heard France going back into a recession, for most people sailing is not high on the top of their list of priorities right now.

According to the ISAF annual report the price of new boats are still the same as they where in 2011-2012 anyway (21K).
IMHO what is hurting the class more is the nontransparent/indecisive decision making process regarding class rules,
first with the paint and now this business with sails.
The F18 committees have to do a better job at (publicly) substantiating their decisions (reports, research, etc).

Anyway, according to your logic the low-tech Nacra 6.0, Hobie Tiger, and Inter 18 would still be biggest classes?