There are several types of inner core foams in the market with the most popular being PVC foams such as Airex, Divinycell, Gurit and others. Of these PVC foams, Divinycell is considered to be the best quality \ highest price and also offers many more densities than their competitors. Another high quality PMI foam is Rohacell which is considered to be the lightest weight \ highest strength rigid foams in the world. Rohacell is often used for aerospace and high speed trains. Both PVC and PMI foam types are considered to be closed cell foams which mean that they do not absorb high amounts of resin which reduces weight. At our Thailand factory, we slice all these types of rigid foams utilizing our computer operated slicing machine at thicknesses ranging from 1mm and higher. Some of our biggest customers are Thai marine manufacturers such as Cobra International, however we also ship materials to customers worldwide. New to our product list is composite honeycomb materials including Nomex and Kevlar. Composite honeycomb materials are ideal materials to utilize for curved surfaces and have extremely high strength. More details can be found on our website