Hey Mike

must be some confusion.... I don't know anything about rankings... What I was posting was cribbed from the miami OCR site... I never paid attention to the ranking numbers... I suspect the numbering was order of entry... or alphabetical... not sure..

The point to reviving the thread was...

I am a fan of olympic sailing.... So, part of the fun of the game is to find your team and root. In this day and age... its easier and harder... Easy to google and facebook.... harder to have actually had a conversation with any of the sailors if they don't compete at the rank and file... mere mortal classes.

"Local stud..." was not to diminish.... rather to point to Mike's New England roots and his shared roots with Easton's

AS to crew problems... well I suspect every skipper on the planet shares that whine... doesn't matter if its a 2 man boat or a TP52, crew issues just come with the game.. Drives many a sailor to a single hander.... (but... its just not the same experience).

ahem... I will just remember my noisy complaint in changing the game from Open to Mixed. but.... The actual issue here is finding sailors with the drive and time... its a tough tough game.