The problem with getting rid of the mixed cat crew is that it would be deeply unfair to the sailors from other disciplines who would have to lose a medal or two.

Almost 20 times as many people do dinghy nationals in the USA as cat nationals for example. Even more people sail yachts, and they don't get any medals at all.

If cat sailors make up less than 5% of sailors at national level (even ignoring all the yacht sailors) it's hard to say that it's fair for them to get 20% of the medals - and we know the IOC doesn't want to hand out any more medals or allow any more competitors.

If we want to get more medals for cats, we'll have to increase the numbers. Remember when the cats were dropped from the Games and lots of people promised to create a cat class for juniors to increase numbers? Maybe we'll have to actually live up to our promise.

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