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Bora's claim to fame is foiling, so he certainly needs to be watched.

Mike was a very close second during the last trials, but if he comes back, will need to ramp up on foiling (assuming he isn't already doing that).

Mark, I think the rankings you posted previously were before this event, do you know how they were determined?


I can't say if Mike is in or out for the next cycle. I can say he is pursuing a masters degree at the moment and sailing currently isn't his primary focus, though I know he is staying involved with the F18 class and sailing what events he can.

You are correct that Bora could be a serious threat in the Mk. 2 Nacra 17, but sailing with who?

I'm not bitching about crew problems for nothing Mark, these are highly competitive teams and several top U.S multihull sailors had problems in the Nacra 17 because of the mixed requirement, which is good for our sport, but challenging with the low number of female sailors in the U.S having top level international sailing experience.

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