eh.... not as interested in that proposal. for me... it dances a bit close to undermining the integrity of the competition.

For a two person boat.... separate M/W classes handles the equity issue of opportunity to compete. The integrity of the competition is not an issue. (now... when the class manages crew weight issues with a wind minimum and the politics changes that.... the integrity of the competition can be questioned).. why would a country not go for a slot with a T crew of 260 lbs... and then pray for a light air olympics in china. Optimize your chances of a medal.... the rules shape the game and call the integrity into question. (I don't mean somebody is cheating...when I use the word integrity here... a better one has not come to mind.)

IMO.... I see mandating mixed as undermining the integrity of sailing the boat.... Open means two woman could compete as well... So... pick a tiny boat if you want to shape the demographics. .... and let the cards fall were they may....

The mixed solution was political to ensure the woman's Isaf group supported it. They wanted woman's skiff and did not think that gender balanced events was possible. while the T was open.... not many woman competed... they wanted a sure thing of half the olympic slots... The Finn was in a politically dominant position AND had the argument that it was the only heavyweight class after the keelboats got kicked out... and the IOC pres was ex Finn medalist.

Had the idea that olympic representation should reflect the world sailing community popularity choices been lower on the list of values and gender equality higher..... perhaps a different outcome.

It was not even brought up that multi's might be represented but NOT include men... after all the T was vitrually totally a male world.. AND they were behind the push... cleverly putting Carolijn Brerwer (sp) in charge... so... not a politically viable or likely outcome.

In hindsight... I see the olympics as just about EXCELLENCE in the discipline... they should be gender balanced. It does not matter how many woman play at the game in the world... Hell.... how many woman went boxing before it was an olympic sport.
Build it .... they will come... Those that compete will be the best in the world at that event... doesn't matter how popular the event is with rank and file... (see American Football... now faced with Tom Brady hagiography bordering on sainthood for the next 50 years... OMG he he)

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