i took a long time off from this forum. the "drill baby drill" thread ruined catsailor for me by showing me a side of some of my friends i couldn't stomach. older? sure. wiser? prob not.

i'm still racing on a variety of boats, but not as often as i did a decade ago. own an F16 (falcon) and it has become my most favorite cat ever, even though it is likely just a fad. soured on volunteering and took much of what's happened within US SAILING personally - ironically, it has been 10 years since i was given the CREW award.

picked up a couple of other hobbies and i've put a lot of time into my kid - she's coming along nicely.

nice to see some names i associate with really good memories. grateful for damon's efforts to keep this site going following rick's passing.

John Williams

- The harder you practice, the luckier you get -
Gary Player, pro golfer

After watching Lionel Messi play, I realize I need to sail harder.