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Robbie, I think you missunderstand my points here, I am 200% behind the concept of the Viper Club Junior concept. It was Mark Schnieder who said it should NOT be sold as a family boat but only as a Junior boat. (go back and read his posts) That's when I said, What dad is going to lay out that much money for a -Kid only- toy? I also mentioned the Laser Radial 4.7, etc, same concept, I think it's a great idea.

Maybe we can start an F16 junior class, and I can have my kids race my Blade (with the same Junior sails) then hit the beach, swap sails, and I go out and race. I'm all for "Versatility" and any cost savings, believe me! Mark was saying a kid needs his own boat and doesn't want his dad along. My point is, what dad can pay for that? I say, Use it for BOTH, the dad and the kid, the kid can race with his friends, and dad can race it too. I'm not trying to kill it, I think it's a great idea. But before Dad writes that big check, Dad needs to know he can play with it, thus my mention of Zach and Matt Lynch.

I would never have bought -any- of the horses if Mom and Dad couldn't ride them too...

I'm JC, not Robbie. Robbie's too cool to post on websites, and he's busy doing what I want to be doing right now.

That's what I hate about these forums, that "go back and read his posts" stuff. I read his posts and you asked anyone to give the pitch, so I responded. I don't wanna talk in circles.

I'm not taking it the wrong way at all. I'm just trying to answer the question. You can dish it out real good Timbo, and I have fun with it too sometimes.

I see where Mark is coming from, and I think you are both right in a way. Club kids generally sail club boats without mom and dad, and that's what the norm is. However, since this is a larger price-tag it must suit many different options. You and I are coming at it from the same angle. Anyway, I think the efforts should be geared towards getting more kids involved instead of haggling over small selling points.

What a great idea! An F16 junior class. Kids race, swap sails and parents can race. I bet you still didn't look at the website. When do you decide to put the landing gear down, Timbo, after everybody in the **** has been talking about it for fifteen minutes?