Hi swarm.
Open to suggestion for best non skid product on the gunwale, when trapezing.
Some background and constraints before we all fire off suggestions.
Currently use (3M?) rubber self-adhesive product in black. Excellent product, very expensive, needs replacing when repainting, lets go eventually especially where one drags over it when swinging out, trust the grip wearing rubber booties.
Am aware of the granulated products that can be added to paint, during application or after. These can be quite abrasive/aggressive especially on bare skin. Can be a challenge when recoating.
Have seen a textured finish on the Tupperware boats and would be interested how that texture is achieved: during production, post production, a screen attached post production and resined over?
Would prefer a clear finish to match the 'paint' finish.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Go timber mozzies!!!

Tortured ply is clearly beautiful.
Mozzie Aldebaran VI