I am the proud and unwilling owner of 5 A-cats in Gainesville.
2 were damaged by one magnolia tree plus both masts, now repaired, and now want new homes. CAll me 352-3321049. I am leaving for the summer on Tuesday AM dawn:30. ANd leaving the boats here.
I started to check this old website to see if Rick W. was still sort of breathing. (Yes but iffy).
Bim 2000 asking $3500K beahc wheels/no trailer and Bim Javelin 2002 asking $4500K/ beach wheels, no trailer. Great starter boats have sails, need nothing. I have borrowable steel trailers and really need a TRAilex. Boats don't leak.
BOATS WEIGH 175 POUNDS which is why these were kept here. but owners got damaged by age and food after 15 years. Also they didn't know how to fix them. Note at A-cat N. Americans half the fleet of 42 was age 60 plus. OK all U old guys whose arms and legs still work--- call me now. Dave Carlson (trying to figure out how to get an ad here on CS).

A-class USA 196, USA 21, H18, H16
"Nothing that's any good works by itself. You got to make the damn thing work"- Thomas Edison