I think it will be interesting to see how the different pathways to securing the olympic spot play out.

The Mendelbrats come from Olympic success in traditional sloops. eg.. Classical tactical sailboat racing skills.
Bora comes from wining the foiling moth worlds.... so high performance max apparent wind experience.
Sarah and Matt come from the world of beach cats...
While Mike comes out of the college sailing club 420 world of tactical sailboat and team racing into the multihull world.

My bet is that developing the instincts for cats and moths during those formative years is an advantage.. So Sarah/Matt and Gulliari/Chaffee have an edge. Time will tell.

Of course, The USA still barely cracks the top 20 world wide.

My take home... Folks.... should get their talented daughters to cross train in multihulls along with their training in 420s.... Time in the boats at an early age should be the key!

We will see if the US Selection supports my theory.