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Absolutely no reason to question the boats? Really? No, their concerns surely must be unjustified with several US teams having gone through 3 platforms in the three year run-up to the Olympiad, or, sorry, the trials. I almost forgot, the Games aren't for another six months.

Because, you know, it's totally normal for a OD manufacturer to mail out a gag-order to their owners while they "resolve the technical issues."

I don't understand your post. Where is this "Gag order"?

Nacra released a Technical Bulletin informing customers that they would be improving warranty support and details of all upgrades made to the boats by hull number. If you'd like to see this please email me.

I spent the week at the Miami World Cup, sailors were generally understanding. We could absolutely improve the production but the most important thing we can do is stand behind the product by reimbursing sailors for repairs, we are doing so.

You do realize 49ers generally last less than 6 months? They've been an olympic class for 20 years.
Myself and most of the top guys in the F18 fleet cycle through boats in less sailing days than these boats have seen. In a year, these guys see 200+ days, that's probably 5-8 years with how often I sail. Since I've been involved in the F18 I've been getting a new boat every 2-3 years.

-Todd Riccardi
Nacra North America