I don't think it is that surprising. Bora is one of, if not the most, talented apparent wind sailors in the US. Lots of 49er, Melges 24, and Moth experience, plus some time with Luna Rossa. He is a pro, and probably has much more cumulative time on the water than anyone else (aside from maybe Mendelblatt). I really don't think the catamaran aspect is all that important.

Similar things could be side about the Mendelblatts- huge amounts of high level racing experience including two Olympics for Mark. It could be argued that Mark adapted less well to the fast boat after years of Lasers and Stars.

Most of the other teams, and I have huge amounts of respect for all of them, really don't have the experience of those two, and I think ultimately it showed. Mike and Katie got very close, and who knows if the trials had been a few days longer or if Katie's knee was healthy.

Congrats to all who put everything on the line for a chance to represent their country.

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