ah Gary was at his best in the laser mens race.. It was going to be a match race between Bra and Fra for the gold Scheidt is like a god of laser sailing... now at 42 he is going for a record setting olympic medal. Bra jibed twice at the gate and got a chance to split with Fra ... this allowed him to pass and then extend the lead on the second beat. He highlighted this move after the fact.

In the n17 race... NED had novel methods of sailing the boat down wind compared to the rest of the fleet... nobody had an answer why they were the only ones trapping to leeward downwind.. That led him to the ... why don't they furl the jib question... not unreasonable to much of the sailing world who drop their jib upwind.

Its just conversation trying to make the game a bit more accessible.

The wind never got better then 7 or so it seems. enough to sail... but as one Finn guy said in the interview said ... it was ****... prompting Gary to apologize for the language...

So... with Gary J... you have to remember the audience target. the moments of insight are really basic.

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