There is a link to a YouTube page that says it will show live medal races on Saturday, January 30, with the Nacra 17 at 11:10 am. However, as of 9:00 am the page says
"The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Maybe that will change by 11:09

Live medal racing on YouTube

Check out the links on this page at for tracking and mark roundings on Saturday. These pages look very cool! I hope they fill in the tables of mark roundings in real time.


Too bad that the N17 does not show tracking for previous races. Look at what they CAN do by going to the Tracking page above, scroll down and click on "Miami 2016 3D Viewer", load their viewer, and pick one of the 470 races that had tracking turned on. Once you figure out the many screen choices you can watch the entire race, follow any boat, zoom in or out, pivot, see all the gaps, add lines, everything. The only thing I couldn't do is see why a leading boat is labeled DFL (probably due to an unlabeled DSQ).

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