I think it was about a face book thread around the last big multiclass Fla regatta. Some very upset sailors generated a very very upset response from the OA, Jill N, who defended her PRO and regatta team.

Just because you pay an entry fee.... Does not mean that you are buying a service from a business.

If you are visiting a Yacht Club.... the operative words are VISIT.... and GUEST..... That means you behave yourself...respect the property, mind your dogs and kids and SAY THANK YOU! You pay for THEIR BEER... cause it's not your liquor license and leave that cooler at home. They are volunteers at the club... not employees!

If its a public beach... SAME RULES. It's all volunteers, there are NEVER ENOUGH volunteers and so they are over committed and they are responsible to the town.

If the host doesn't work for you... Three choices, Accept the event for what it was and will be and say THANK YOU... Two, Offer to communicate about the issues as you see them and say THANK YOU!, ..... Or Three ....say THANK YOU very much... have a nice life and plan a different schedule next year.

my personal POV...
the entire event has to work at creating reasonable expectations about sailboat racing and then delivering on what you promise for the new racer and their family. Sailors does not mean Racers... Deliver what you promise and they will come back but only if they enjoy competing... The number one goal is to convert sailors into racers if you are involved in regattas.

Keep in mind... Most sailors are not racers.... LOTS of Sailors want nothing to do with competing... They do their family thing and life is fine.. As the red headed step child of sailing and clubs.... perhaps we should find a way to promote things like catamaran beach parties and encourage PR of clubs that don't go racing..

I personally don't know of anyone who organizes these kinds of events. One thing the racing community could do would be BOLO these things and publish them on catSAILOR.