I know we have folks on here who have actually done some Worrell's so I'm wondering if anyone has a budget they could share?

As catamaran races go, the east coast distance races are some of the more expensive due to the fact that you are stopping in a new beach resort area every night. So hotels are expensive since you need to be right on the beach.

For the Worrell you'd need at least one hotel room per night for 16 nights, but probably two because of the need for ground crew.

RV's would save cash but aren't practical for everyone due to the lack of parking at most stops, hard enough to find a place for the trailers the ground crew are pulling.

So besides the entry fee (not nothing) and 32 nights in a hotel at $200-$300 per night what are the other major expenses?

Ideas for shaving down the budget?

The original bandit race, everyone leave Fort Lauderdale and let us know when you get to the bar at Virginia Beach, sleep on the beach when you have to, no support... was a lot cheaper!