I'm going to agree with Sam here.... The kick from the rear beam slap worries me less than having a 2' shorter boat in chop. I've been in short steep waves on both platforms and I'd pick the I-20 over most F-18's all day. That said however, the I-20 design is long in the tooth and with F-18 development, isn't as fast comparatively as it used to be. For reference, SCHRS only rates the I-20 0.03 faster than the F-18. If given the choice, I'd probably pick the boats Sam mentioned as well as the Edge over the I-20 though; big full rounded bows instead of the wide flat deck.

Part of the reason the beam slap is bad on the I-20 is the trampoline. I've seen a couple of boats that had a "trap door" flap cut in the tramp to let water through when a wave hit.

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