as a former team manager, i've been on a shoestring budget with two sailors, few spares, peanut butter, no other ground crew but me, and a motorhome we shared to bunk; and i've been on a very well-funded team with a ground crew that swelled to 11 at one point, a spare boat, and a sponsor that rightfully expected significant fulfillment and visibility.

jake is right - the days of taking a motorhome along are (sadly) over. the hotels for 2019 are specifically precluding them in some cases, and even where parking has been negotiated, the host hotel is not allowing anyone to sleep in them. we're getting discounted rates, and the hotels expect the event participants to use them.

John Williams

- The harder you practice, the luckier you get -
Gary Player, pro golfer

After watching Lionel Messi play, I realize I need to sail harder.