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It doesn’t have to be 16 nights for a 10 day Race,the rooms are not 2-3 hundred per night , and you should be looking for local sponsors now.
This race is awesome, but not for the faint of heart,
Choose your boat, and start preparing.

Maybe shave a day off, I thought I was being conservative with 16 because the first race schedule I saw some time ago included a "lay day" non-racing day, half way through. So it would have been 14 days for 13 legs.

The race starts on Monday so I'd assume teams would get to Fort Lauderdale at least the Saturday before.

Regardless of the cost, people who truly want to form a team and do a challenge race like this will find a way. The Race to Alaska is extremely successful with large numbers of competitors even though it involves a crazy amount of travel and logistics for most people.