Team Tommy Bahama
2002 Worrell 1000 Campaign
Second Year Team Budget

Early Entry Fee $1,000.00
Required Insurance (Liability, Boat Insurance, and Damage Deposits) $1,300.00
New Sails and Miscellaneous Parts $4,500.00
Additional Parts for Boat $1,000.00
Graphics on primary sails (Main, Jib, and Spinnaker) $3,250.00
Graphics for application to hulls, and support vehicles $400.00
Daily Professional Marine Meteorologist Forecasting for Entire Race $600.00
Competitor’s Race Apparel (Dry Suits, Life Jackets, Gloves, etc.) $2,000.00
Lodging (3 Rooms/Night @ $125 x 15 Nights) $5,625.00
Communications* $500.00
Per Diem (Meals, Incidentals) $4,050.00
Fuel (Motorhome and Support Vehicle) $1,750.00
Tolls and Ferry Fees (Motorhome, Support Vehicle and Trailer) $200.00
TOTAL $26,175.00
* Communication costs are based upon team members using personal cellular programs – not the purchase of new equipment.

John Williams

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Gary Player, pro golfer

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