About a year ago at a certain moment, I couldn't walk anymore without suffering a terrible nerve pain in my bottom and leg. I couldn't sit anymore, nor walk, nor lying.
So big alarm in my mind; bought as soon as possible a MRI scan which gave a horrendous result: lumbal stenosis.

[Linked Image].

See how the black nerve-string is strangculated in the spinal-canal

Endured a lot of pain. Walked 3 months inside and outside the house with a rollator, stooped like an old man (which I am). Neurosurgon suggested that I looked too fit for sugery and maybe my body would cure itself. Which is by the way very rare for lumbal stenosis.

At this moment I try and do some catsailing (stopped immediatly with windsurfing) but have to find ways not to trigger my spine again. So here's a trial formation for eliminating sitting flat on the tramp. My wire-time is also liminated, that's why. Sitting on a certain height releaves the pain. Its too bad that wings are impossible for me to implement and to handle as a solo sailor. In my bumpy NorthSeaspot it seems impossible ( though I have sailed in a far past a Hobie with Wings.)

[Linked Image]

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hey boy, what did you do over there, alone far out at sea?..
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