Hi Ronald, Look for a doctor specializing in sports physiology - especially doctors who work with athletes. I suspect that surgeons would not be familiar with it nor in favor of it as it is an alternative (better usually) to the cutting they are trained to do. I have learned that platelets do more than just clot blood; they have different proteins inside that initiate, promote, and accelerate healing (makes sense when you think about it). They even "flag down" passing stem cells in the blood and get them involved - hope that is not too technical ;-). My doctor told me to think of it as rebooting the healing process and that they still have a lot to learn about it. I try to keep this basic but the proof is in the before and after imagery of my spine as you showed yours. I am a natural skeptic but the images clearly show the discs have regenerated and the bulges are gone, along with the pain. I tried this for my spine after I had already had two longtime-torn tendons in my rotator cuff repaired using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - the main difference between the two procedures is that they freeze the platelets and remove the cell walls before injecting what is left into the back right next to the damaged area - they would be too viscous (thick) otherwise whereas in the shoulder the viscosity is not an issue. So they are taking the platelets from your own blood and then injecting them precisely where needed to heal yourself. It is truly a modern medical science wonder and thankfully we have lived long enough to benefit from it as they continue to develop the science.