Damon with your remark about Wings,I start searching in your beachcat files and found several pics. This one I liked most:

[Linked Image]

Because its a small cat with a solo sailor ; it doesn't look so big also. But the problem making something like that which can also be folded during the roadtrip remains.
Besides I'm afraid that it catches to much waves on my spot.

See my vids on YouTube (search for ronald reeder). Especially the last vid taken in 2017, with wind and waves on the beam, shows my problem.
Ofcourse any helping remark is more then welcome. I have to swallow a bit my pride comparing this vid with the above pic of my improvised stool on the left hull.

RAIDER-15 (homebuilt)

hey boy, what did you do over there, alone far out at sea?..
"huh....., that's the only place where I'm happy, sir.