Ok, story time with Trey.....

So yesterday (sunday) afternoon, a friend and I decided that we wanted to go fishing. It has been raining all weekend, and had finally let up to a light sprinkle every now and then. So, we jumped in the trusty old pickup truck, and headed out to the land where I keep my sailboats. There is an old pond there, and I knew that it was loaded with largemouth bass. We got my little 10 foot jonboat, threw a few old rods in, and shoved out for our nice little fishing escapade on a quiet sunday afternoon...so we thought. Anyway, we fished for about an hour and a half, and were slowly working our way around the pond (about 3/4 acre pond). As we got close to the place we started, we were getting rather frustrated, as the fish had completely stopped biting. We then decided that we were gonna try fishing in the middle of the pond, where there was deeper water. Well, as we turned around, I pointed out what seemed to be a shallow spot in the pond, and started casting towards it. My friend made the comment that is seemed like an awful small "sandbar" to be in a pond, so we paddled right over the top of it. The water went from about 10 foot deep to 2 foot deep. Things started to get very interesting. I took the paddle we were using, and tapped the bottom, only to hear a clang clang and then a few air bubbles came up. My friend yelled "Holy %$#@!, that's a car!" And right he was. There was a car at the bottom of our beloved fishing hole. Not knowing exactly what to do, we clanged and banged until we were absolutely sure it was a car...and it was without a doubt. I got in touch with the landowner and told him about our "catch." He was as surprised as we were, because he had lived there for 23 years and had no idea about it. He was out of town, but he returned today. He had called the sheriff, and they came out with all the "big guns." When I got there (I left work rather early for this), there was a full police dive team, 3 fire trucks, a wrecker, and a slew of police cars. I thought, "Wow, maybe we uncovered a huge murder case and I'll get a massive reward from the FBI!" (I was wrong). The divers went it, hooked the tow line up to the car, and they were pulling the car out of the pond. As it turned out, the car was a late model (2000ish) Hyundai Elantra with VA plates that had been stolen in 2003. People don't put cars in ponds for no reason. Instead of largemouth that day, we had caught a car. That is my fishing story for the day.

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