I posted this on my FB feed and just now got around to posting this here as well. I was chatting with Dennis Greene after Tradewinds was over and I was picking up our charter boats.

He said to spread the word, so I'm doing my part. A few key folks are attempting to pull together the Florida 300 distance cat race this year. Start at The Islander in Islamorada and end at Cocoa Beach. Entry fee will probably be a buck a mile, or $300. Open unless you get 5 of your boats to enter.

Also, anybody who wants to run just the final leg will be allowed to start at the final start and race to Cocoa for a reduced rate.

Watch for more info. Larry Ferber, many of you know him, is a great guy and will be taking a "postcard" poll or some such on it. If enough folks throw their hat in the ring he will help with seed money to get it started this year. Warren Greene is working on contacting small motels.

The start would be the week following Mother's Day in May. Set up on Sunday with a BBQ at The Islander Sunday night, take off in the morning on Monday. The idea is to do the whole thing before the weekend. The first leg will be to Hollywood since no place else to stop. The rest of the legs will be shorter. Shooting for 45 mile leg on last day.

Stay tuned to the various online forums like catsailor.com for more info and a PO Box to send your cards to if you're in.

I've heard from Jake and Velocity on FB. This year is tough because folks have planned their calendars. The organizers understand that, thus the polling to see if it would fly this year, next year, or maybe not at all.

PS - I'm not an organizer, but I do have a loud mouth when it comes to the keyboard.