Well catman, taking into account your 16 year on Ricks forum with 1.656 posts you really must have suffered by all the attacks on your sensitive nature.
You call it crap and there by insulting back your co-members on this forum.

Your parable about "this forum is like a boat at sea", explains and defines the poor universum where you live in.
Okay for you, but Rick was openly more inspired by Sailing Anarchy. I suggest you read their introduction statement.

My guess for the average (!) profile of the members of this cat-forum is: white, not poor, 75% republican, cock type (no chicken), definite opinion, well spoken, love the sailing on the water, love the decisions you have to make on the water, etc
So, they need no protection for their sensitive souls.

I don't know your age catman, but I would say: grow up man.

RAIDER-15 (homebuilt)

hey boy, what did you do over there, alone far out at sea?..
"huh....., that's the only place where I'm happy, sir.