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I really don't think my kids are searching for this crap yet, either. They're usually just watching YouTube videos of music videos, marble runs or other things little boys like. And they play a couple of game Apps like Plants vs Zombies.


You may want to do a little more snooping, Mike. Sadly us parents were informed that the 6th grade class had recently hacked the school network firewall to be able to access/view some questionable content.

I may question the 6th grade boys' ambition to surf "outside the perimeter", other than they most likely tried it just to see if they could.

And unless those music videos are Thomas the Train, Google may likely be picking up on some iota that it links to some ads you may find distasteful.

Thankfully I need no PhD in internet as my spouse could likely teach NSA a thing or two about how to monitor someone's whearabouts or behavior online.

Didn't Mary have something on this site that would auto-correct any perceived foul language? I believe we had a field day creating prose using those quirks... I'll have to trudge through some of those old posts....

I believe this site has value, and am willing to deal with the ad placement for the benefit of having access for free....

What I find ironic is that while most agree that they "hate" advertisements, the predominance of person(s) employed rely on advertising their product/service in order to remain employed. If no one advertised CNC router systems (using Jake's example), you may never buy one even if you needed one (because you wouldn't know where to look).

A restaurant that just puts a sign in the window will likely have a long row to hoe generating sufficient business without some advertising. Be it radio, television, internet, dude on the street, etc.

I would never have bought a set of sails had I not had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Calvert directly at a regatta. Was he there because he wanted to race with hacks like me? Most likely not..... ADVERTISING

Would I have been escorted out of the "Jiggly Room" on amateur night? Most likely not since I wouldn't have known of the event.... ADVERTISING

Would I have known:
- I can hang small construction workers to I-beams with superglue? ..... ADVERTISING
- I don't need a knife to cut a banana, that I can use a banana slicer? ..... ADVERTISING
- I could look like Susanne Sommers by squeezing my thighs? .... ADVERTISING
- I can make my screen door into a boat? ADVERTISING
- squatty potty (youtube it)....?

I mean, seriously, how sad would my life be without advertising?