For example, this let one of our former F16 sailors race his boat in 1 up mode with main and jib and compete fairly. His rating ended up being a touch higher than a Nacra I20; he ended up finishing a touch behind the well sailed I20's on a good night and would often correct in front but equally often not.

Sam, Good report on West Rivers SCHRS outcomes.....

IMO, This is always a tough ratings problem/choice. A single handed sailor running a rig with two or three sails will have to be really well trained to sail the boat to that rating.... I don't believe SCHRS (or any other system) cuts you a break for your choice of running two or three sails with just two hands.

IMO, You don't want to run three sails single handed on a very crowded and short windward leeward course! On the other hand.... if you know you are doing a Once around a long windward leeward course plus a reach leg out the river.... .... you have a weapon!