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The guy that does one, maybe two regattas a year, is going to quit coming to the regatta if you put hurdles in front of him that he really doesn't care about. It's just not worth giving somebody a negative opinion. Throw a piece of bubble gum at a wall and give him a number. Let him race, have fun, no fuss, and see you next year. Offer to point him in the right direction if he wants to build a real SCHRS number for his boat. It's worth the risk that that one boat runs away with all the prize money....


I would like to see SCHRS become the norm; however, as I stated earlier, not many folks are going to perform the gymnastics needed to get their boats in compliance should the have altered the sail plan etc... as they are the once or twice a year racers... And in our case many of them are Frankenboats.

I think this needs to be handled by each race committee noting on the NOR that you're using SCHRS for the rating system. And if you're not compliant with measurement to your modifications than a X% penalty will be applied until you can either a.) furnish a measurement certificate, or b.) measurements from your sail maker that can be plugged into the on-line calculator where an agreeable rating number can be assigned.

On another note, I agree, it really shouldn't be that hard to be in compliance. With most of the modifications that come into play are with sails many times going from a pin to a square top, getting the numbers from any sail maker shouldn't be that difficult. My question would be are the "reputable" sail makers of our community in tune with the SCHRS requirement for measurement? And, if so could/would they include a measurement sheet with the purchase of a new set of sails?