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If you will get me data, we will figure out what is going on with the rating that you calculated..

The numbers I used were:
Crew = 1
WS = 113.60
AL = 4.880
WL = 4.496
BEAM = 2.234
CM = 14.567
VLM = 7.390
CJ = 3.730
VLJ = 4.983
CSPI = 0
TRAP = 1
B27 = Yes
LTM = 0.634
SH = No
LF = 0

Which generated a rating of 1.050 with the 2015 SCHRS spreadsheet.

I took most measurements from my boat, but some (like weight) are from the manufacturer. Sail measurements are from my sails according to Formula 40 (I didn't re-measure them from the SCHRS diagram). The Isotope class rules restrict total sail area to 185 sq/ft, but permit any ratio of main to jib area, and allow either square or pin-top mainsails. I figured there would be more variation from sail to sail than between measurement methods. After all, if other legacy boat sail measurements were taken from published sources, that should be ok for Isotopes too. Most of us are running 44 sq/ft in the jib and 141 sq/ft in the main.