Jake, reread what I said. The goal is to make it easy while maintaining as much of the original integrity as possible. How many 1-2 races per year guys aren't racing a stock boat? If they are putting forth the effort to get to a race and they don't have a stock boat, so long as the OA had set it up this way, run what you bring, but have the decency to take 30 minutes to measure your sails and fill out the spreadsheet. So long as the OAs put the info out in time, is it really that hard? Show me a list of boats that you see annually at races in your area that aren't included in the current SCHRS table. (That is both a challenge and... I could use the data if it exists...)

Eric, I heard about your case through the grapevine. I've gotten two measurement certifications for my own boat, have written an in depth slide presentation on SCHRS, assisted in developing a guide for boat owners to get a rating, deconstructed the equations and the spreadsheet and have even put it into MathCAD and replicated what the calculator produces. If you will get me data, we will figure out what is going on with the rating that you calculated.

In all honesty, the Isotope is one of the classes that was on my list to look into, but if you saw the comparison that I assembled which lists all of the boats in US PN and SCHRS tables, you would understand the size of the task at hand. Honestly, part of the reason that the rules require a recognized/certified measurer (in my opinion) is to make sure that measurements are both accurate and consistent. I'm not saying that you did it incorrectly, but if you're numbers are as you say... Something has to be going on there.