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I have raced Nacras, Tornados, and Prindles. In the 90s, we used D-PN and I could tell you who would win based on the wind speed.

Likewise, however, then we wern't experimenting with different sail plans, spinnakers, and other modifications as we are today... at least not until later in the decade. We went to SCHRS this year; however, I don't think the race committee realized that a boats with a modified sail plans needed a measurement...

So my question would be for those that don't have a measurement certificate, how do we level the playing field in an ad-hoc situation.... For instance someone showes up the day of the race with a Prindle 18 with a square top sail, or a NACRA 6.0 with the bridle tangs moved forward to accommodate a larger jib.... do we say OK, that will be a 5%, 10%, etc... hit? Or????

I don't want to be turning people away form a race, but on the other hand I want to see the system work..

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