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That depends on the software Bacho. I don't really see how you can design class legal sails in a software package that doesn't give you sail area. I would bet good money that North, Quantum's and Doyle's in-house software gives you sail area, as does Smart Azure but I could be wrong. All my wing design tools generate area...now, the final product? That could still be different than what you drew for a myriad of reasons that you know waay more about than me.

Why Glaser can't provide this, I don't fully understand. They can measure F18 sails so they definitely can measure other class sails...but they should be providing the area. Its frustrating to me because we are working on a Nacra Inter 20 rules re-write locally that doesn't change the sail area but opens up the builder options, yet Glaser won't tell us the area of the sails they have built for the class (that we would like to make sure fit within the rules).

Ventucky Red, this is a helpful link: http://usf18.com/measurement-tips-and-pics/

I would also download the F18 measurement template. It has all the math built in for the diagram you have.

There are several different prescribed sail area measurement systems and some classes had their own that varied. Sails can be designed to work within a particular system to have a little more real world sail area and still measure in. The measurements are all just an approximation of area taken at a few reasonably practical points. The sail area generated from the software used to design a sail will be different from a sail that's measured manually...and to measure in to any rule, the sail needs to be measured per the prescribed method. I seem to remember that F18 originally had a slightly simpler, self prescribed, sail measurement procedure and that they adopted the ISAF method when they become a fully fledged ISAF class. Both systems would come up with a different number for any given sail and neither would match the software number. A sail measurer is usually listed/recognized with the class they're measuring for and some classes require some level of sailing organization certification to be a measurer. You may also be recognized by one class and not another. In order for Glaser to measure a class sail, he has to learn the measurement method (assuming SCHRS is different) and actually perform the measurement...if it's not a system that he (or Pease) will use often enough, I can see why he would have chosen to not offer the service.

That said, the Nacra 20 sails? I can probably guess why nobody would want to get involved with those numbers! Political football that probably has a pattern of variation in a distinct path...but I can only guess.

(BTW, Bacho has been designing sails in various software packages from low budget to high end and I've helped produce a few - I was also an F18 sail measurer for a while).

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