(1). BP this is a company with absolutely unlimited resources. This company makes so much money that they could buy a small country. Y is it that they have not trained for something like this? You know youíre drilling at 5000í so I think you should know how to stop a leak at 5000í before you should be able to start drilling!! A company this large should be able to have stopped this leek in a few days not a few months. In my opinion itís pathetic that BP is failing so hard to stop this leek. Win all they had to do was be prepared for something to happen before it happens. Training is key!!!

(2) The press. The press is ridicules all they do is report all the bad stuff. I run one of the parasail boats out on the beach. All day yester day we had people telling us that they were close to cancelling their trips to Pensacola and moving to other places. Because the news was talking about how bad it is!!! Then they get here to find itís not that bad yet. Granted this whole thing is BPís falt the press is playing there part in killing us as well!!!

(3) The president of the United States of America!!!
This is the weakest prez we have ever had. This man needes to stop trying to run for office! (Youíre in man stop trying to make yourself look good) every time he is on TV I feel like he is trying to boost his own approval rating. thatís all he seems to care about. We need to hit BP with the hammer of Thor and put the fear of the full force of the United States government in them!!!!! Obama stop being a pussy and let them have it!!!!!!

Open20NA 1337 FOR THE WIN!!!