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I think all this discussion about fuel prices is nice, but we're forgetting all the other things that petrochemicals produce: plastic, medicine, vitamins, fertilizer...pretty much anything we touch (and it was brought to your store by trucks). Alternative energy sources cannot produce those items themselves.

So $10/ gallon will kill the automotive segment. But it will only further cripple the medical field, consumer products, technology.... the list goes on.

As much as it pains me, I don't think we can live without petroleum. So, we'll (hopefully) learn from this disaster,

I am no luddite but i am starting to feel we are living to fast, and past our means for a healthy existence.

plastic - full of toxins.. now they are finding plastics leaching into our foods, poisining babys (the bottles and diapers) and how bout all the plastic in the oceans.. i guess its a moot point in the gulf now?

medicine - i work in the Alt health industry, and they (alt-med) believe modern (western) meds simply mask symptom (and they are basically poisons)... NOT tread/avoid the cause. Yes some people need them... but with better lifestyle and diet... most can get off them, we see it every day in our clinic.

vitamins - I sell supplements (as 1 of the 3 companies i work with), high end, organic, supplements made from ingredients.. not a chemical closit

fertilizer - whats wrong with organic guanno and similar? seems the earth did pretty well "growing" before we made synthetic fertilizers.

i am no tree-huger, and i ate a McFakeFish lastnight, but i do eat mostly healthy, i don't take any medicines (i control my weight, and blood pressure and sugar intake etc), i use as few plastics in my food (and life) as possible, and i think we are overly dependent on oil. in every way.

I love my mystere, but i am willing to sail a wooden catamaran if we move away from oil

maybe the Amish have a few things right?