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i am in favor or $10/ gal gas

you will see more ideas and solutions for other sources of energy

You obviously do not have a service oriented company. We struggle with the high costs of fuel adding to the overhead already. In small town USA (Or Louisiana) the median income is lower already. Add higher costs for services then the snowball starts rolling (faster than it already is). Already they (customers) are opting for the lower cost option which usually includes no worker insurance, comp. , health, auto etc. This results in a net liability for the customer if something happens. Our median income will drop also as the jobs leave. Many companies are contemplating the move or shut down pending the drilling moratorium (sp). We are not completely oil driven but it is all connected somewhat.

Sure everyone can "armchair quarterback" this situation. But the knee jerking kicks us right in the Balls!

Of course its just my opinion, what do I know? I live here, work here, been here all my life, and own a business here. And contrary to the belief of others in the country our education system goes past the third grade.

My lake doesn't have oil... lets go sailing.