If fuel jumped to $10/gal, whether through market prices, or taxation, I think that would be great! I wouldn't have to go to work anymore, because nobody else could afford to buy cabinets. That would be awesome! I could live off what the land provides me, shooting deer, and defensless people to take what they have. My god, why haven't we thought of this before?! Its a magical utopia just waiting to happen!

This ain't Europe. You could fit most of Europe into Texas, we don't have the population density to justify the cost of having mass transit everywhere. If people can't afford to get to work, our economy will be completly doomed.

I've said this before, you want a solution? Its easy, kill everyone you know. Or, wait for that new wonder virus to pop up and wipe out 50% of the population again. Of course in today's modern, mobile society, it'd probably be more along the lines of 90%. That's your solution. STOP BREEDING! Its not a case of suddenly having too many people, there has always been too many people, period.

Make love, not babies.