I had a conversation with a guy who worked for the company that manufactured the blow out preventer that got all effed up. He said all this trying to cap the well is basically impossible and everyone in the industry and the POTUS knows this. All this effort is all for show so people can say they are trying. People in the industry say the ONLY way to stop the flow is a relief well, which wont be done until august. Also known as "when the best catsailing venues in the world are totally effed forever".

Now what really pisses me off is if a well is in canadian waters a relief well has to be drilled CONCURRENTLY with the well for this very reason. Moreover, if it was in european waters (or friggin brazilian waters for chrissake) then a acoustic switch on the blowout preventer is mandatory. Only here can they get away with such lax safety precautions. Now lets see how many people manage to blame Obama for that. Surely it was 8 years of oilmen running the show and gutting the regulations that laid the groundwork for this. I am sure that if Obama tried to get stricter regulations through before this disaster he would have had nothing but total cooperation from all the "drill baby" morons. Meanwhile China is cranking out solar panels by the thousands. Pathetic that borderline third world countries are doing more to secure a oil free future than we are. Meanwhile you can kiss Santa Rosa sound goodbye.

Nice SUV by the way.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves, the voters and consumers who refuse to pay for anything and want equate the consumption of resources with wealth. Wealth is not measured only in dollars. Why have money if your faux-greco styrofoam million dollar mcmansion in Destin with the navigator and the jet ski out front smells like the decaying corpses of pelicans and dolphins? I'd rather live in a yurt in saskatchewan with a donkey and a sunfish (with the multicolor sail and a soft deck from being left outside). I would feel much richer, and happier to.