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whose judging whether or not he's overconsuming?

btw, I'd be dead right now if it wasn't for modern pharmaceuticals. Your alt-health people might claim that they are poisons - but as someone who sees what they do every day and how they are studied - I have a different perspective of it all.

I am not saying they aren't life saving in some situations, of course there are many modern inventions/medicines that are.. but in MOST cases people can get off things like blood pressure meds, thyroid meds, diabetic drugs, viagra, mood/psych drugs if the causes (of the problems) are found and corrected.

Alt med's point of view is most disease is a function of an allergy, or an excess of something the body doesn't want/need or the absence of something the body needs/wants

and can be corrected by eliminating the allergy/toxin or replacing the missing substance (usually a mineral or vitamin)

This is alt-meds view and the more i see of it (been here 8 years now) the more i believe it to have sound principals. (there is nothing absolute or exclusive in my POV)