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What more? Well i am no expert, not even a close but why aren't there 100000 boats skimming? why aren't there 150 "straws" sucking up what is spewing out of the pipes now?

I might agree with you on that - the problem is, where do those 100,000 boats come from? Where does their skimming equipment come from? Clearly nobody really anticipated this (which is a large part of the problem). I bet the boom and dispersant manufacturing companies are working around the clock and that it's really tough to get equipment to work with (we're not hearing about that - which is odd).

Personally, I don't know what else the administration could do once the rig went down - but I'm not really excited about the public approach they have taken. Everything has just become so politically polarized that I see more effort spent on positioning and appearance than doing and getting done. I don't care to go into the who's or why's of that statement.

As far as the moratorium on offshore drilling - it needs to be in place until the safety practices and oversight can be fixed...until shear rams and safety valves and safety practices can be verified as operational. The failure of the safety policies and the oversight coupled with (IMHO) one person's bad decision making on that rig led to this. The oversight issues have been brewing for a decade or better.

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