i don't blame the President but i would like to see our govt do more.

What more? Well i am no expert, not even a close but why aren't there 100000 boats skimming? why aren't there 150 "straws" sucking up what is spewing out of the pipes now?

why did they give up so fast on the "cover" that froze up? we are currently pumping hot water in the straw to avoid it from freezing.. why couldn't that be done in the cover?

why are we allowing the use of dispersant? doesn't that make cleanup harder? and further toxify the gulf?

why aren't we/they/them managing the booms better (its being reported that oil filled booms are now causing more harm then good)

why aren't we trying things like hair booms? straw?

why is BP controlling the coast guard and police (if the reporting is correct)?