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Yeah, the "media coverage" isn't close to what was promised. We've yet to be interviewed and have seen almost no pics of the first finishers each day (no pics of us or Kirk) finishing. If we're going to rip the gaskets off the bottom of my boat hitting the beach at Mach 5 with the kite up, at least get me a cool picture or video! ;-)

How many times did you have to replace the gaskets, and were they the "new" style?

The coverage was nil. Lisa Herendeen posted stuff on FB and that and the tracker (which I gave up on today,of course) was the only way I could follow anything. Still don't know the placing. Sad , considering this was supposed to be THE year for the Fl.300. I've got an idea, "Let's keep our race a secret."

Congrats to you and Brian wherever you ended up.

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