So, the BT Sport deal is a newer announcement than the NBC one?
i am interested in a full replay of the live broadcast for european racing and live broadcast for bermuda racing.

from the bt sport site;
Can I order the BT Sport app and online player on its own?
No, but it's included for free with BT Sport on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform and with BT Sport on BT TV. The app and online player is also available with our BT Broadband packages for just £5 a month.
How do I start using the BT Sport app and online player?
First, you need to download the app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.
Next, you need to activate the BT Sport app on your BT account. Just log in to bt , click on 'BT Sport' and follow the instructions.
When you use the app, and when you want to watch BT Sport at, you'll need to enter your BT ID.

so far we got the app on my wife's iphone but i wasn't able to get to the next step. i am not so good at navigating websites on a little phone screen....or maybe usa people are blocked from signing up with bt?