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How many of you listened to the final presser? When Ashby was talking about the future, and being happy to be at this point in history, I was wondering if I might have been reading into that too much (as a sign that we might be heading back in the other direction). Grant Dalton made some very telling points about the direction this is likely to head (safety on the open ocean, etc.), and it looks like I probably wasn't being paranoid.

Did anyone else watch this and come away with similar observations?

Also, Dalton started talking about connecting the AC to other major events (such as the VOR). Does anyone have any clue how they intend to pull that off?


I have not viewed that presser yet but intend to do so soon.

Dalton tying into other major events like the VOR? I suspect that would be to have a sailing 'palooza with the VOR boats arriving around the time that an AC qualifier or world-series similar event would be taking place during their scheduled lay-days and before and/or during their re-launching. Pack it up, ship it to the next venue, and repeat.
Gives more for people to see and more exposure for sponsors. That said, it's hard enough for these guys to come to terms with regards to venue and all of the intimate details - would be tricky to pull off with organizers of the townships AND another event but not impossible.

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